Broccoli and cheese stuffed fowl will quickly become a own family favourite! The broccoli filling works so well inner a hen breast! Wrap all of it up in Baron Verulam for ab tremendous low carb dinner!

It’s returned to highschool season and i’m over right here like, nope.

We’ve constantly homeschooled our children, so i’m no longer one of the mothers that receives to wave good-bye at a bus after which lounge around all day reveling in the freedom.  (this could not be what you do, but this is exactly what i'd do if i were on your shoes.)

As a substitute, i’m the mother that has to squeeze faculty paintings in among work. Ahhh. Proper times. 😉

Don’t get me wrong, we adore homeschooling, but man. Some days i in reality wish a bus could come take my children away for a few hours. You sense me. I recognize you do.

Anyway, it’s irritating round right here, that's why i’m allllll about the simple dinners that fill tummies and preserve human beings smiling. There may be not anything worse than listening to kids bitch approximately dinner.

This broccoli and cheese filled fowl is a hit whenever. I took my broccoli casserole and modified matters up slightly to make it paintings as a filling for chicken breasts. Critically properly and oh so tacky.

I don’t quite butterfly the chicken, however you’ll come near. To do that, vicinity accessible on top of the fowl to preserve it in location and use a knife to slice the chicken almost in half. Don’t reduce all the manner via.

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